Colonol Rhea

When reading about Colonel Rhea the firstĀ  thing that stood out was the introduction listing his accomplishments. He was a highly educated West Point graduate with advanced degrees from war colleges after serving in the Philippines. He is a man with a Distinguished Service Cross AND a Medal of Honor recipient. These awards are given out directly by the President and not given out lightly.

The primary source material from which he provided give immense insight into who he is and the era. His passport listed all his physical characteristics, from height to hair color. There are maps and pictures illustrating the conflict and key players in the Armenian- Azerbaijan war too. Colonel Rhea’s documents also revealed a direct line of contact with his superiors when he lets them know he doesn’t believe Armenia is in any position to attackĀ  in December of 1919. He has pages and pages of first hand accounts and beliefs that make it a great primary source.

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