Young and Restless in China

The documentary “Young and Restless in China” shed greater insight into China’s growing ideological gap between generations. In particular, the question each younger generation person ask internally on how they fit in with the government and if they should stand up for their rights, or remain in fear. One segment that emphasized this conflict was illustrated with the young lawyer on her quest to fight for environmental rights. The build up to the 2008 Olympic games further intensified building projects throughout the country, and consequentially negatively affected many people and villages. Whether it was government controlled construction of power lines that never received permits, or public mining operations that devastated the local populations, civil rights violations are happening often. This young lawyer decided to stand up for many of the affected citizens and attempt legally to enact change. The rising middle class want fair and just laws, which they are prepared to fight for. Meanwhile, the older generation still is hesitant to cross the state, fearful of the repercussions.

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