Mining in China

Specifically, I’d like to explore the mining operations and what sort of climate they operate under.  The mining accident in Guizhou that killed 18 people last November seems particularly interesting. I would like to explore what events led to the accident, as well as how the public perceived it.  I would also like to compare reactions of other miners compared to official statements issued by the government and press.  This accident was only one amongst many others, resulting in roughly 2,000 people killed in mining accidents over the last year.

The ChinaDigitalTimes website has many articles speaking towards the accidents. They include quotes and reactions as well. Another strong website is which is sponsored by the China Mining Association. This is a more formal representation of mining from the government’s perspective, rather than critical. It speaks to the mission of the mining companies and how they want to regulate operations more to protect the workers and environment, but it will be interesting to discover if it is actually accurate. EbiscoHost is also very source rich, with information on mining practices and policies, as well as critiques. One such piece is from Jerry Tien who wrote a critique of surface mining operations in China. Another such article is by Jennifer Qinghua Wang on the financial side of mining, and how they are able to finance the industry.

Collectively, these sources shed light on a lot of aspects of China’s mining industry, and I am not sure what direction I want to take it, but the topic does seem to have plenty of sources to focus my research with.

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  1.   hmarshall4 on February 2nd, 2013

    I like how you found the official website for mining in China, it’ll be interesting to note how their goals and representation vary from the more critical sources. I wonder how is going to discuss the Guizhou mining accident, whether they’ll give the full story or whether they’ll just skim over it.